PRODUCT: Pane for pain, the best bill saver around!

January 2, 2013
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With E.ON being the last of the big six energy suppliers to announce substantial price hikes for gas and electricity over the winter period, a growing number of UK households are turning to insulation methods such as secondary or third glazing to reduce their bills.

Ecoease Secondary glazing, or in some cases third glazing, is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to insulate a home against the elements and can reduce bills by up to 20%. The typical household can install secondary glazing for around 10-15% of the cost of double glazing without any compromise on performance.

Director John Feely commented: Once again we are being bombarded by higher gas and electricity bills with price increases far outstripping inflation. This puts more and more pressure on household finances at a time of economic uncertainty.

When you consider that upto a fifth of a home’s heat escapes through windows installing secondary glazing makes perfect sense. Aesthetically it fits in perfectly with the average home and is a great fit for everyone from students to the elderly.

The simplicity of installation is another key benefit. No DIY skills are required other than the ability to use a tape measure for our Measured to Fit (M2F) solution, added John.

Ecoease is the only flexible glazing system available in the UK to supply panels made from fire retardant, high strength PET. Otherwise known as Polyester, it is also used for aircraft windows and drinks bottles, and is easily attached in minutes to the inside of window frames using a magnetic strip.

The M2F system can be ordered at and on partner retail sites such as and that reduces the workload to an absolute minimum. It is also a perfect fit for the owners of Listed properties who are unable to install double glazing.

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