Aug 13
Sarah Hall Studio: Your Solar Project

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Interested in showcasing solar energy? Make a bold statement with an attractive, highly-visible installation, custom designed for your educational facility, museum, park, corporation or public institution. Sarah Hall Studio has been transforming spaces with solar installations for over 10 years winning many international awards. Elegant, sustainable, and eye-catching, these systems provide a colorful showcase for […]

Aug 06
Government poses four zero carbon routes for housebuilders

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Consultation also considers extending allowable solutions to non-residential sector The government is seeking industry views on whether allowable solutions – the planned routes to future zero carbon housebuilding – should be extended to non-domestic buildings. It poses the question in its consultation on allowable solutions, which sets out four proposed ways for housebuilders to meet […]

Aug 04
Green Deal Code of Practice

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This code of practice is issued by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change under regulation 10 of the Framework Regulations and sets out requirements for those persons acting as Green Deal Providers, Green Deal Assessors, or Green Deal Installers, or Certification Bodies. It substitutes and revokes the Green Deal code of practice […]