Sarah Hall Studio: Your Solar Project

August 13, 2013
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Interested in showcasing solar energy? Make a bold statement with an attractive, highly-visible installation, custom designed for your educational facility, museum, park, corporation or public institution.

Sarah Hall Studio has been transforming spaces with solar installations for over 10 years winning many international awards. Elegant, sustainable, and eye-catching, these systems provide a colorful showcase for solar energy and bring public attention to your green or LEED certified project.

art_hall04The combination of solar cells and art glass is a new and exciting way to ‘green’ a building using proven technology. The solar cells are embedded between two panes of tempered safety glass. This provides a durable surface – easy to clean and maintain.

Essentially, this is a double glazed unit that enhances thermal insulation while it collects energy. The cells we use come in a multitude of colors, from blue, to silver, to shining gold, and they become part of the artwork. Within the work, they can be arranged to offer varying degrees of transparency and sunshading.

The solar energy collected by the panels can illuminate your building’s interior at night, or be directed into any number of designated illumination requirements. Along with the embedded solar cells is a layer of art glass that is treated and colored to create beautiful, dramatic visual effects behind and around the solar cells.

The art glass can be seen from both sides, and creates a glorious interior effect without compromising the collection of solar energy. This additional layer also enhances the insulating qualities of the installation.

art_hall03Our solar projects are created in Germany and shipped world wide. Sarah Hall Studio is a full-service company, managing your solar project from start to finish. Your solar future is here!

Have your architect or planner send us specifications on your project to learn how your organization can move to a greener future – in partnership with the sun!

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