BRE scientist to represent the EU at G20 youth summit

March 17, 2014
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Jelena Kiselova, building scientist at BRE Wales and Southwest, has been selected to represent the EU at the 2014 youth G20 (Y20) economic summit in Sydney this summer.


Taking place ahead of the G20 summit later in the year, the premier international youth conference will host 120 young leaders aged 18 – 30 from member countries. Participants will identify pressing global economic challenges, discuss policy and propose solutions, with their findings presented at the main G20 event. Jelena will be part of a working group focusing on sustainable development – one of the three main issues on this year’s Y20 agenda.

Age 27, Jelena, along with four others, was chosen from an extensive list of candidates from across Europe. With an MSc in Environmental Management from Coventry University, she has been involved in research projects centering on the energy efficiency impact of housing schemes. Undertaking work ranging from renewable energy assessments to feasibility study site visits and introductory surveys on renewable energy installations, Jelena has also been part of European projects including SUSREF (sustainable refurbishment of exterior walls and buildings facades) and currently KnohoIEM (knowledge-based energy management for public buildings).

Commenting on her selection, Nick Tune, Director of BRE Wales and Southwest said: “This is a fantastic achievement. The summit brings together the best and brightest young people from across the world and being chosen to represent the EU is testament to Jelena’s commitment and talent. We are immensely proud of her.”

Jelena added: “Representing the European Union youth is a huge honour and a great opportunity for me to gain a deeper understanding of the complex nature of sustainable development, creative activism and diplomacy. Networking with young people from all around the world will give me very valuable first hand insight as well as increasing my knowledge of international negotiations.”