EnglishPoint Marina Newsletter (February 2014)

March 11, 2014
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Finally, in February, the planks for the Boardwalk and Pool deck arrived at EnglishPoint Marina. Each plank is nearly 20 feet long, the length of the containers in which they arrived.

Now the work of laying the planks on the concrete substructures of the Boardwalk as well as the pool deck will begin. In keeping with our focus on environmental protection, we opted for decking material made of composite wood rather than natural timber. In doing so we saved numerous trees from being felled. Another advantage is that composite wood lasts longer than natural timber and requires less maintenance and repairs. See the pictures of the composite wood shipment being off-loaded at EnglishPoint.

In any development the finishing stage is critical. It requires painstaking attention to detail and even more so when dealing with mature palms. The second batch of palm trees at EnglishPoint were transplanted with extra care or else the enormous palms will not survive the trauma of being moved from the nursery to their final home. The pictures below show the palm trees being off-loaded and planted in the ‘lush-links’ between Blocks B & C and in the outer courtyard garden of Block C.

Most of you know that we have a sister hotel to the south of Mombasa called Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa. Late last night as guests were enjoying a nightcap at the Dhow Bar on the beach they thought for a moment that they might have had one too many! To their surprise and utter delight a giant turtle came out of the sea and walked up the beach – not to say ‘Jambo’ to them, but to dig her nest and lay her 114 eggs! I’m no expert, but I’m told they have a gestation period of around 70 days and then they all hatch at once. I’ve attached a few pictures here and you can get the full story from our Facebook page.

Enjoy the pictures below and see the extensive national media coverage that EnglishPoint received in February by following this link.

Look out for my March update at the beginning of April. Until then, call or email me if you have any questions or wish to book a viewing.



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