Household energy saving improvements and tips

March 5, 2014
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Millions of people across Great Britain could benefit from making energy saving improvements to their homes and protect themselves against rising energy costs.

Here is a short list of improvements that could be made to your home:

  • LOFT INSULATION – Heat rises and it may be leaking into your loft. Insulating your loft, or topping up your existing insulation, will keep heat inside your living spaces for longer.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN ENERGY – Technologies like air or ground source heat pumps and solar panels can capture energy and turn it into electricity or heat for your home.
  • WINDOWS – Homes leak heat through their windows. By replacing your windows with double or triple glazed windows, or installing secondary glazing to your existing windows, you’ll keep your home warmer and reduce outside noise.
  • DRAUGHT PROOFING – Gaps around doors, windows, loft hatches, fittings and pipework are common sources of draughts. Sealing up the gaps will stop heat escaping your home.
  • EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL SOLID WALL INSULATION – Older homes usually have solid walls. Installing insulation on the inside or outside of the wall can dramatically reduce the heat that escapes your home.
  • CAVITY WALL INSULATION – Some homes have walls with a hollow space in the middle. Putting insulation in this space is quick and makes no mess because the work can be done from outside your home.
  • BOILERS OR RENEWABLE HEAT – Older boilers tend to lose a lot of heat so they use a lot of energy. High efficiency condensing boilers and air or ground source heat pumps recover a lot of heat so they use less energy.

Take a look at this information leaflet from DECC for guidance on how to get started.

Let us know in the comments fields below what technology you have installed in your home, the pros, cons and how it works for you.