Save Water Save Money for National Water Saving Week (22-29 March)

March 21, 2015
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swsm logo newWater efficiency experts, Save Water Save Money, are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative tree planting scheme to help raise awareness of National Water Saving Week which takes place on 22 – 29 March 2015.

Save Water Save Money has teamed up with WeForest, a charity which has planted nearly 6 million trees throughout equatorial regions of the world – and they aim to create and build their very own forest, based on customers’ efforts to use less water.

With the focus on water saving, forests are imperative to the natural water cycle – they are the global regulator of fresh water on land, owing to their filtration of groundwater, water storage and transpiration qualities, while their root networks prevent soil erosion and land degradation and they also play a crucial part in tackling climate change because of their role in cloud nucleation.

Against every product on Save Water Save Money’s website there is a tree icon, which represents what contribution they will make to this forest as a direct result of any purchases made or any requests for free products. All contributions towards the forest are made from Save Water Save Money’s own profits and every quarter they will donate the number of trees relative to the collective activities of their customers to WeForest.

Water Butt Banner - FinalOne of the products linked to the tree planting scheme is their garden water butt. Rain water harvesting can be a great idea to make homes more water efficient and if you’re on a water meter, could help to save a lot of money as well. According to a recent survey by the Energy Saving Trust only 42% of households in Britain have a water butt.

Save Water Save Money Managing Director, Tim Robertson, said, “As a business our focus has always been about trying to make a difference in terms of benefiting the environment and helping to lower water and energy bills for UK households. We are proud to have teamed up with MyForest, and we have set ourselves a challenging target of donating 10,000 trees this year.”

During April 2015 Save Water Save Money is also offering ‘double trees’ with the use of promotional code ‘TREE’.

swsm with trees and wording olFor more information please visit

Offer details:

22 – 29 March 2015
Free Delivery – save £5 on a waterbutt:
100L SRP£24.99 plus £5 delivery
210L SRP £34.99 plus £5 delivery

Double trees across all products on website during April.
Enter promo code ‘TREE’.