Fix up your garden – the green way

April 2, 2015
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You’ve got mega plans for your garden. Water features, lavish lawns, major renovations and remarkable reworkings – but can you make your improvements a green dream?

Indeed, keeping your carbon footprint low while renovating your home can be a major struggle. But it can, and must, be done.

Global warming, if eco-warriors like Naomi Klein and Al Gore are to be believed, has become a global epidemic. Smog covers city streets, icecaps melt like cheese under a grill, and fracking threatens entire eco-systems. It’s like The Day After Tomorrow happening right now.

And you don’t want to be a part of the problem. So, when you’ve got a garden renovation in mind, what green options are right for you?

A crackin’ conservatory

Conservatories in Glasgow, London and Timbuctoo all have one thing in common – they’re all saving their owner’s energy costs.
The humble conservatory has been a middle class mainstay in the heartlands of suburbia for decades. But most owners probably don’t realise how they’re helping the environment.

By installing this unique extension, you’re creating a suntrap that will keep you flush with heat for the entire summer. And in the winter, the conservatory acts as an extra layer of protection from the biting cold, slashing your heating bills in the process.
Setting you back a couple of grand, the benefits far outweigh the cost with this ideal garden renovation.

Spectacular solar

Praise the sun! It’s what we should all be doing – yet few of us have bothered to install solar panels in our garden.
That’s right – solar energy is the way forward, and panels have been plummeting in price year-on-year.

And the spring and summer is exactly when to make these overhauls. While a few solar panels won’t threaten your energy provider entirely, they will be an effective subsidiary power outlet, and burn zero fossil fuels.

Ingratiating interiors

Your garden isn’t a lone ranger – it should match the lavish style of your interiors.
But that means you’ll need an eco-eye for interior design.

For a start, populate your home with the nourishing life of plants. This’ll oxygenate your home, making it brighter and breezier – just like the garden you’ve lovingly crafted.

You don’t have to make every room resemble a greenhouse, but a tasteful selection of flora will set your home alight.

Combine this with earthy colours and eco-friendly appliances (there are always more economical options available when it comes to fridges and freezers) and your interiors will be just as green as your garden.

Ultimately, everyone has a responsibility to care about the environment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge yourself in some renovations. Just remember – keep it clean and keep it renewable.