How To Brighten Up Your Home Before Christmas Day

October 29, 2015
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Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most creative times of the year, and whilst it is traditional to decorate the inside of your house, it is also the perfect time to turn your attention to the outside areas of your home. With advances in LED lighting and solar powered decorations, there are now more options than ever to make your home and garden sparkle this Christmas, without increasing your electricity bill. The tips and tricks below will explore the ways in which you can make your home and garden the most desirable spaces this Christmas using various LED lighting solutions.

Interior – Living Room

With the Christmas tree twinkling delicately away in the corner of your living room, you might feel that other areas in your home have been neglected. If you have a mantlepiece that is lacking in Christmas sparkle, why not add an LED Snowman Christmas Light and some fake snow around your mantlepiece. Alongside these features, the addition of some stunning LED Tealights around the snowman, and any other features you might already have on your mantlepiece, will make the whole display exciting and magical. Not only will these lighting additions create a stunning mantlepiece display, they are also entirely safe to use and you won’t have to worry about wax ruining your space or small children burning themselves on open flames.

Interior – Stairwell

A banister is the perfect space to add a touch of Christmas sparkle with some LED lighting. Whether your banister curves around your stairs or leads straight up to your next floor, LED Fairy Lights can be wrapped around the banister and entwined with some Christmas greenery, such as fake holly or a string of pinecones. If you want to go a step further, you can then add a sprinkling of fake snow on the foliage, creating a stunning Christmas scene on the banister of your staircase.

Interior – Window Decoration

There is nothing more magical than a themed window display that lights up your home over the Christmas period. A set of LED Reindeer Mains Powered Lights can either be strung across your window, or they can be placed standing on your windowsill. However you choose to display your Christmas reindeers, these lights will make any young child believe in the magic of Christmas from the minute he or she returns home from school.

Exterior – Trees/Bushes

Your garden is the perfect place to add a set of LED lights to brighten up your space. If you don’t have any foliage that you would feel comfortable adding some LED lighting too, then why not try a set of Solar Powered Topiary Stake Lights to your garden? These topiary balls allow you to decorate your outside area without worrying about planting any new foliage or twisting fairy lights around an awkwardly positioned tree. However, if you do have any low hanging branches, these would be the perfect place to hang a few Glass Lantern Holders with Tealights.

Exterior – LED Additions

The beauty of LED waterproof lighting is that you can use it outside, leave it outside and not worry about whether or not it will last in the external conditions. If you’re hosting a Christmas party this winter, LED Furniture will not only provide additional seating areas in your garden, it will also brighten up your event beautifully. If you’re looking to brighten your area up even further, you can also use smaller LED items, such as smaller Battery Powered LED Mood Lamp in either a ball shape or a box shape. These LED mood lamps look stunning scattered around a drinks table or hidden within a flower bed, lighting up everything that your garden has to offer.

LED Lighting solutions are not only safer than open flames, they are also more eco-friendly and they compliment the move towards sustainable energy solutions. If you’re looking for a house that also encapsulates these features, WhatGreenHome is the perfect place to start looking for your dream home. Whether you’re looking for a new home, or you’re already in your perfect place, the ideas above will leave your home and garden twinkling in the darkness and ready for the Christmas season.

Author Bio: Tanay Kharwadkar has been working in online retail for 8 years. He currently runs pkgreenshop, an online store which specialises in battery powered LED lights, small solar powered products and decorative items for the home and garden.