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Welcome to the first version of our reworked website. Feel free to leave us feedback.

Our ambition is to be the most popular online resource for showcased green homes, helping you better understand what techniques and technology you can use in your own home. We want to help catalyse the mass uptake of making our homes more comfortable to live in, energy efficient, cost efficient and less dependent on conventional fuel.

All hosted properties’ sustainability features are categorised into Design Principles & Certifications, Energy Efficiency and Microgeneration.

When information are available, we also specify features like Waste Recycling, Water Management, Grants & Incentives Utilised, Impact on Biodiversity, Energy and Carbon Dioxide Emissions Data, and more. For a full list of sustainability features, please refer to our List A Home section.

We maintain our hosting criteria strictly, working with reputable owners and developers providing you piece of mind to only view homes that are genuinely built with the environment and good energy practice in mind.

Take a look at our Pricing if you are an expert, have a home, event, product or article to promote, or share grant and incentive details for the benefit of others. Our advertising offer can help you with your promotions, or why not suggest a new term for our glossary, and we’ll thank you on our social networks free of charge!

We negotiated fantastic deals and offers for you from leading suppliers in the sustainable business and built environments, take a look at our Deals & Offers page for more details.

Join our journey as we learn how we can make our homes more comfortable to live in, sustainable, cost effective, and help drive positive change.

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