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Website Analytics

Our website is fully optimised for search engines like Google. Even though we continuously work on improving our ranking, at the moment we rank among the top 10% of website in the green home space. Not too bad for a website that only went live in October 2013. Our visitor numbers are increasing daily, but we still have some work to do on the marketing efforts, as you do.

At the moment (February 2014) we are averaging about c.60 unique visitors a day, with many more page views, around c.200+.  These numbers will increase rapidly as we drive our marketing efforts harder and optimise our website even more for SEO (search engine optimisation).

Our monthly newsletter subscribers increase daily, standing at c.1,450+ at the moment, and counting.  Please visit our social networks to get an idea of our reach, and join us when you have a minute; we’re on TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn and Google+.



With our green home listings and complimentary services we serve an audience of people seeking information and ideas to use in their homes. We also get frequent visits by home buyers, landlords, estate agents and property developers.

Further, influential bloggers, industry experts, architects, designers, and other professionals in the sustainable built environment stay up to date with our latest articles and blogs, actively seeking ideas, inspiration and the latest news in the green building space.


Advertising Options

  • Sidebar Top (300px W x 250px H) (visible on most pages, rotates)
  • Sidebar Bottom (300px W x 250px H) (visible on most pages, rotates)
  • Experts Page (part of main menu)
  • Newsletter inclusions (c.1,400 individuals and companies on our database).
  • Mailshots (see Newsletter)
  • Wallpaper (1,440px W x 900px H) (on every page, in the background, for 1 week at a time)

All ads on our website include a complimentary post on our social networks to announce the support.


Please take a look at our Pricing for details.

Any thoughts, proposals or want to try something different on WhatGreenHome, get in touch and we’ll be happy to explore.

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Disclaimer: WhatGreenHome reserves the right to reject advertising based on fit, content, reader impact, distraction, and other factors as determined in the sole discretion of WhatGreenHome.


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