Jul 01
Retrofitting Your Home Green

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Just because you are looking at a vintage home rather than a brand new home built with the latest sustainable building technologies and green additions does not mean you cannot have a home that showcases the latest energy efficiencies and green designs. In fact, since it is not practical to think that the entire architectural […]

Apr 14
Step away from the Gas!

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Thinking of Installing Renewable Heat Technology into your home – what should you consider? Energy prices continue to rise inexorably, and we’re all feeling the pinch. The introduction of the latest renewable energy tariff, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), is designed to help more of us move away from traditional fuels – and prove that […]

Mar 06
Green Casinos: No longer gambling away the future?

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Striding into a casino one would be hard pressed to find any semblance of sustainability, ecology or nature. Our casinos have traditionally taken the form of velvet monoliths, bristling with flashing, lurid bulbs. Windowless, unnatural and imbuing all that is fake in a quest to pursue a strange type of atavism or epitome of luxury, […]

Mar 04
£7 billion opportunity ignored by 3 out of 4 Brits by not taking up solar power

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A new survey found that “9% of households in the UK are considering installing solar” (IET survey). Let’s put that into perspective. 26.4 million households in the UK 2.4 million are considering solar (9% of 26.4 million) 10 million are suitable for solar (ICL research) So, 76% of suitable households are not even considering solar! […]

Mar 02
Sustainable Energy and Electromagnetic Field (EMF)

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Sustainability is the latest buzz word in building and business, and for good reasons. Awareness that “the sky is the limit” might not be completely healthy in the long run is becoming mainstream. Until now sustainability is mainly considered in regards to natural resources. Focus is on recycling and natural renewable energy. Another focus is […]

Feb 19
Half of UK would consider Community Energy

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Over half of UK adults (51%) said they would be motivated to get involved in a community energy project if it could save money on their energy bill, according to the findings of a DECC Community Energy Survey. The study, based on a sample of 1,089 adults, also revealed though that while four in ten would […]

Jan 14
Smart Grids and the data challenge

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The evolution of the electricity distribution network is at the heart of the debate about future of the electricity system. The distribution network, historically designed for unidirectional power flows and with very limited observability, will need to accommodate increased levels of small to medium scale distributed generation, including CHP-generated electricity, photovoltaic systems and wind farms. […]

Dec 16
How Biomass can save money, reduce carbon emissions, and boost the local economy

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Demand in the UK for Biomass installations is increasing, with installers and feedstock suppliers reporting a surge in demand in 2013. This is set to increase further in 2014 with the impact of increases in energy prices, and especially for smaller Biomass with the introduction of the domestic RHI. With rising fuel prices, the cost […]

Nov 29
Homeowners do not understand low energy technologies

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Homeowners are unable to take advantage of the benefits of low and zero carbon technologies because they do not understand how they work, new research by the NHBC Foundation has revealed. The research was carried out by Reading University in six homes across four separate developments and looked at how homeowners lived with the technologies day-by-day. It […]

Nov 19
Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Q&A

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I was recently asked to give a talk on RHI – both domestic and non-domestic applications – as part of the h.Energy week. The latter is organized by Herefordshire New Leaf, a not for profit environmental organisation, and the week entails a series of visits and talks which are open to the wider public. The talk […]

Nov 08
Friday funny…energy efficient windows!

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Last year I replaced all the windows in my house with those expensive, double pane, energy efficient kind. Today, I got a call from the contractor who installed them. He complained that the work had been completed a year ago and I still hadn’t paid for them. Helloooo………… just because I’m blonde doesn’t mean that […]

Oct 11
First Reflections on the Nextgen Bioenergy Conference

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For the last five months, I have spent part of my time pulling together the speakers’ programme for the Nextgen Conference which took place last week. It was a pleasure to see it all come together over the two days. The feedback from delegates, exhibitors and speakers alike has been overwhelmingly positive and I am […]

Nov 02
BLOG: Turning Waste to Energy Could Reduce Landfill Dependency

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An innovative closed loop system will see neighbourhood rubbish burnt to produce heat and power for the community. The notion that waste can be turned into energy seems as fanciful as turning water into wine. But this is no modern day miracle: it’s a proven technology that has the potential to provide a significant amount […]