Mar 24
Guidance: The Green Deal for social housing providers

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Social housing providers can participate in the Green Deal and help to improve housing stock for their tenants. The Green Deal helps you make energy-saving improvements, like insulation, to your social housing stock, keeping homes comfortable for your tenants. This scheme lets tenants pay for some or all of the improvements over time through their electricity bill. […]

Mar 07
What to do if a house purchase falls through

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Losing out on a dream home can be a difficult experience, but there are steps that can be taken to maximise a buyer’s chances of concluding their next purchase successfully, according to the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). NAEA’s latest research reveals that there are, on average at a national level, over eight buyers […]

Mar 05
Household energy saving improvements and tips

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Millions of people across Great Britain could benefit from making energy saving improvements to their homes and protect themselves against rising energy costs. Here is a short list of improvements that could be made to your home: LOFT INSULATION – Heat rises and it may be leaking into your loft. Insulating your loft, or topping up your existing […]

Feb 07
New guidance on benefits of building controls and energy management

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BRE has published two Information Papers to help non-technical clients and building occupiers specify building controls to provide a comfortable climate for a building’s occupants with the lowest possible energy consumption. Information Paper 1/14: Understanding the Choices for Building Controls has been produced by BRE, with the support of the Energy Services Technology Association (ESTA) […]

Feb 03
EDF Energy launches new ‘Climate & Us’ website

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EDF Energy today announces the launch of Climate & Us; a new interactive website which aims to engage and educate individuals, businesses and communities on climate change and how it could affect where they live. Developed in collaboration with the Met Office and the University of Exeter, the website will host a range of up-to-date […]

Nov 19
Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Q&A

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I was recently asked to give a talk on RHI – both domestic and non-domestic applications – as part of the h.Energy week. The latter is organized by Herefordshire New Leaf, a not for profit environmental organisation, and the week entails a series of visits and talks which are open to the wider public. The talk […]

Nov 14
As winter creeps up, Linden Homes has some tips for energy smart customers

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With research showing that new homes are up to six times more energy efficient than older second hand ones – it is no wonder more and more house hunters are opting for brand new. And with energy prices on the up, and numerous incentives to help curb the cost of moving, there has never been […]

Jul 23
Solar PV energy storage: Is policy support required?

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Energy storage can transform the UK solar PV market and generate unique benefits for consumers and the energy system. Storage technologies increase domestic energy self-consumption by storing electricity generated by solar PV during daytime and utilising it on-site when it is most needed, typically in the evenings (see graph 1 (pdf)). As electricity prices increase, storage […]

Jun 25
TIPS: Top tips when considering auction to sell your home

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Auction as a method of home selling is becoming more popular in a tough market. Traditionally considered a route for distressed sales, auction is now attracting a broad range of properties when sellers weigh up the factors of time, price and publicity. The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has today urged sellers to speak […]

Mar 20
Pioneering national switching initiative results in energy saving of £282,000 on annual bills in the UK

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UK Together announces results of its first nationwide collective energy saving buying initiative. Over 3,700 switches to better deals and UK savings of £282,000 on annual energy bills. The first round of UK Together, the national collective switching initiative, closed at midnight this Sunday, March 17, with thousands of members saving hundreds of pounds on […]

Jan 31
TIPS: New guide helps explain the Green Deal

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Businesses championing the UK Government’s Green Deal scheme can now take advantage of a new consumer guide produced by the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies, which doubles as a great sales tool and bona fide reference when explaining to customers what the initiative involves, and how it will benefit them. Endorsed by the Energy […]

Jan 10
TIPS: Solar panels at home

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What consumers should consider, and look out for, if considering installing solar panels at home Since 2010, electricity companies have had to pay a feed-in tariff to customers who generate their own electricity. On 1 November 2012, a new system was introduced where the feed-in tariff available for new installations was reduced every three months, depending […]

Jan 02
PRODUCT: Pane for pain, the best bill saver around!

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With E.ON being the last of the big six energy suppliers to announce substantial price hikes for gas and electricity over the winter period, a growing number of UK households are turning to insulation methods such as secondary or third glazing to reduce their bills. Ecoease Secondary glazing, or in some cases third glazing, is […]

Nov 20
TIPS: Top tenant tips for a warmer winter: ARLA’s advice for moving during the colder months

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Tenants looking to avoid feeling the chill in a newly rented property this winter can find a warmer place to live with a few simple questions, according to the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA). Ian Potter, Managing Director, ARLA said, Utility bills are a key consideration for most tenants, especially during the colder winter […]

Nov 16
TIPS: Take charge of your heating

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With hard-pressed families facing huge energy bills this winter, the national Heating Helpline urges households to take charge of their heating system by keeping it under control. With new research that shows that national incomes fell by 13% this year compared to the start of the recession four years ago, the last news that hard-pressed […]