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Showcase your green home to the world to learn from.

We showcase new or retrofitted homes and multi-dwelling developments. We only host residences that make use of energy microgeneration techniques, clean energy sources or those that have been certified or designed in accordance with accredited institutions in the sustainable built environment.


Listing Criteria

We focus on residences that are genuinely built with the environment and good energy practice in mind. We maintain our listing criteria strictly, giving you piece of mind.

As a minimum, all residences on WhatGreenHome have energy efficiency and savings at the top of their priorities, including:

  • Certified or designed in accordance with accredited institutions in the sustainable built environment (e.g. LEED, BREEAM, Code for Sustainable Homes, Passivhaus, etc.), or
  • Generate their own energy by making use of microgeneration techniques (even a small amount makes a difference!), or
  • Make use of clean energy sources.

Listings on WhatGreenHome are not limited to the technology and techniques noted below. If you have any other sustainability or low carbon technology installed at your property and we did not mention it, please get in touch.



We charge an upfront administration fee to help with articulating your home’s green features.

We have a whole range of features and options to choose from, please refer to our Pricing section for more details.


Any questions? Send us a quick note and we’ll be happy to help. We look forward to see your home hosted with us.

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Examples of energy microgeneration techniques include:

eco features


Clean energy sources are homes that buy their energy from utilities like Green Energy UK or Ecotricity.


Energy Efficiency and Savings measures could include:

eco features 2


We specify the following information where available, which are not part of our core listing criteria:

eco features 3


Refer to our glossary section for an explanation to some of these terms.


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