As we start of our journey with the all new WhatGreenHome we decided to make all of our services ** available FREE of charge, until further notice. *

We are hard at work increasing our visitor numbers and of course sourcing the green building information we all crave, so we thought it is only fair to throw in a few freebies!

Below is a list of our current service offerings.


Showcase your green home

  • Full property details and sustainability features articulated (example), which includes images, video, map, inclusion in our monthly newsletter and we promote your property on our social networks.
  • We can also mark homes For Sale (example) or To Rent; a commission arrangement will be highly appreciated should we be successful in helping you sell or let your home.
  • As an optional offering, we can feature your home across our website.  Featured homes are showcased on most of our pages across the website, most importantly on our homepage which gets you the best exposure!


Promote a business, product, event and more

Send us your press releases, white papers, blogs, etc. and we will happily post them for you at no charge.  This can include images, videos, documents, etc.  We will also include your news in our monthly newsletter and promote it on our social networks.



Please refer to our dedicated advertising page for more details. The following provides an overview of pricing for our advertising options available (please refer across the website to see how your ads will look once posted):

  • Sidebar Top (300px W x 250px H) (visible on most pages, rotates).
  • Sidebar Bottom (300px W x 250px H) (visible on most pages, rotates).
  • Experts Page (part of main menu).
  • Newsletter (c.1,400 individuals and companies on our database) (this is the only service we charge for at the moment **)
  • Mailshots (see Newsletter) (this is the only service we charge for at the moment **).
  • Wallpaper (1,440px W x 900px H) (on every page, in the background).

All ads on our website includes a complimentary post on our social networks to announce the support, and we also include most in our monthly newsletter.


If this sounds like something you interested in, please get in touch. Looking forward to hear from you!

Disclaimer: WhatGreenHome reserves the right to reject advertising based on fit, content, reader impact, distraction, and other factors as determined in the sole discretion of WhatGreenHome.


* If you are a business or have a website, as a gesture of goodwill in return for our free introductory offer, we will appreciate it if you could add our website as a backlink on your website (we can provide you with the appropriate website link and logo).

** Place your product or organisation in one of our monthly newsletters for GBP 25 per advertisement, per month.  Any ad hoc mailshots attracts a fee of GBP 50 per email.


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